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Enhance Finishing System - Enhance & PoGo Complete Kit


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Caulk - Enhance Finishing System - Enhance & PoGo Complete Kit

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The Enhance Finishing and PoGo Polishing systems combine several products that are designed to finish and polish all types of composite restoration surfaces. Enhance aluminum oxide finishers (Discs, Cups and Points) are designed for preparing composite and compomer surfaces for their final polish. By incorporating a superior abrasive into a special resin, the totally new Enhance system eliminates the pop-on, pop-off switching back and forth between discs. The Enhance System uses a one-piece disc and mandrel – with no metal boss. As a result, the possibility of marring or discoloring the restoration has been completely eliminated. PoGo™ diamond polishers (Discs, Cups and Points) are single-use resin polishing devices designed for the final polishing of all accessible composite resin restorations.

The Enhance and PoGo Complete Kit contains:

  • 10 Enhance finishing discs
  • 10 Enhance finishing cups
  • 10 Enhance finishing points
  • 10 PoGo diamond polishing discs
  • 10 PoGo diamond polishing cups
  • 10 PoGo diamond polishing points

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